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Spring Fundraiser: Success!

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Like we said in our first post: The Carter Nedley Foundation is just getting organized. Starting a nonprofit from scratch is no small undertaking.

But then again, neither is making and selling nearly three thousand dollars’ worth of homemade gourmet candy, cookies and cupcakes — and we pulled that off.

Yep. Our Spring Fundraiser was a fantastic success!

Our thanks to everyone who supported the effort by making a purchase. Many came from our friends at Ciuni & Panichi, Menorah Park, Bravo! and The Cleveland Clinic.

After delivering several carloads full of goodies, we saved our┬ábest for last. On Easter Sunday, we paid a visit to The Cleveland Clinic’s pediatric oncology ward, where we delivered a dozen baskets of cookies and candy to the children and their families.

This never would have happened without the many, many, many hours of hard work from Lisa, who inspires us all with her commitment to the Foundation’s success.

Thanks, also, to Lisa’s crack staff of confectioneers: Grandma Karlene Bonnay, Aunts Janeen Bonnay and Katie Sorenson, Barb Anderson, Chanelle Mastrobuono, Michelle Miller, and Katrina Ruege.

Grandma Karlene wraps a basket of goodies!

Finally, special thanks go to Susan Beall, for helping coordinate sales at Ciuni & Panichi; to Sandi Sweeney, for coordinating sales at Menorah Park; to Kristy Neylon at The Cleveland Clinic; and to Amira Maher, for her beautiful design of the brochures.

We plan to organize another gourmet candy and cookies fundraiser for the holidays, and hope that you’ll consider supporting the Foundation then, too. Thank you!

UPDATE: We received a card yesterday (4/14) from the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Department at The Cleveland Clinic:

“Thanks for the great cupcakes and Shelia loved the basket! Thank you, also, for the cute baskets you dropped off. The kids really enjoyed them. Carter is frequently in our thoughts!”