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Happy Mother’s Day!

May 21st, 2011 by jnedley

When a child is hospitalized for cancer treatment, one or both parents often become the child’s full-time bunkmate(s).  For any loving parent, the decision to live in a hospital with your child is a no-brainer, naturally; but few parents who have not done it understand how difficult life inside a hospital can be.  Very quickly, the little things come to mean a lot.

So, on Mother’s Day, we wanted to bring something which we hoped would mean a lot to all the moms in the pediatric-oncology unit at The Cleveland Clinic.

We found a willing partner in Au Bon Pain, which opened an incredible store at the Clinic in 2009.  Au Bon Pain graciously donated a hefty spread of coffee, orange juice, bagels, cream cheese, and other assorted pastries for a Mother’s Day Breakfast.

We carted our buffet up to the Clinic’s pediatric-oncology unit, and laid it out nicely on a large table the unit’s medical staff set out for us (thanks so much to them for the assist).  We then gave each mom a Mother’s Day card, each of which contained a gift card from Giant Eagle.   As usual, we brought toys and games for the children, too.  And we spent some time visiting with each of the families while they loaded their plates and cheerfully cleaned them.

Thanks to Laura Navarro, one of our fantastic board members, for coordinating the donation of food from Au Bon Pain.

And Happy Mother’s Day, moms.  We hope you enjoyed our visit as much as we did.  Your love and strength are an inspiration to us all.

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