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Happy Holidays!

December 22nd, 2010 by jnedley

Through countless pounds of sugar, flour, eggs and butter, and after hours of mixing, baking, decorating and packaging, and with deliveries made to every corner of Greater Cleveland, our Holiday Bake Sale has finally ended. (Whew.)

And, like our spring fundraiser, the sale was a tremendous success!  Our most gracious thanks to everyone who supported us by making a purchase.  We hope that you enjoy your cookies and cupcakes, knowing that all proceeds from the sale will advance the mission of The Carter Nedley Foundation.

Thanks, also, to our ace sales team: Grandma KarleneJaneen Bonnay, Jennifer Burdecki, Greg Gorzelle, Michelle Miller, Laura Navarro, and Katie Sorenson.  These incredible volunteers passed out brochures, collected money, delivered orders, and much more.  We could not have served nearly as many of you without their help.

Special thanks to Grandma Karlene, Janeen, and Katie for helping Lisa to bake and to package the orders, and to Amira Maher for her wonderful design of the brochure.

And finally, extra special thanks to those who purchased one or more of the more than twenty (20) boxes of cookies we delivered today to the children and families in the hematology/oncology department at The Cleveland Clinic. As you might imagine, spending the holidays in the hospital is very difficult, and your donations were accepted graciously by all the families, each of whom was very touched by your kind gesture.

A second set of extra special thanks go to Karlene and to Cindy Buffie, Diane Hace, and Marilyn Merker.  These wonderful ladies worked together for what must have been countless hours to produce nearly 20 handmade blankets and quilts for the children. A tag with our logo was sewn to each blanket or quilt tag.  Lisa tied each blanket or quilt with a ribbon and also attached one of our new “Carter’s Crew” silicone bracelets to each one.  We delivered the quilts today, also, allowing each child to select one.

Thank you for helping us to do so much good work in the name of our son.  We are very grateful to have you all in our lives.  Best wishes for a very happy holiday season.

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