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Valentine’s Day: Treats for the Tots!

February 20th, 2011 by jnedley

Our good buddy Ethan loved his new truck.

The month of January was a busy one for The Carter Nedley Foundation.  We recruited two new members to our Board of Directors, we met with the Board to plan our schedule of events for the year, and we received our letter from the IRS granting us 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status (more on that later).

But with a new month — February — comes a favorite holiday.  And on Valentine’s Day, we didn’t want our friends at The Cleveland Clinic to forget how much we love them.

Lisa, ever the master candy maker, molded chocolates in heart and teddy-bear shapes.  She then wrapped each chocolate individually, and decorated them with pink ribbons and glittery heart stickers.

Jason then filled a duffle bag with the chocolates and headed for the Clinic — but not before making an unscheduled stop at an area toy store!

Upon arrival at the Clinic, Jason also bought a few packs of parking vouchers.   He passed out the chocolates and parking vouchers to the families in the pediatric-oncology inpatient unit.  He then let each child in the unit pick a toy from the duffle bag.  The families and Clinic staff all were very grateful for these gestures.

Best wishes for a Happy Valentine’s Day from The Carter Nedley Foundation.

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