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Carter’s CREW

March 6th, 2011 by jnedley

Last month we made a trip to the pediatric-oncology inpatient unit of The Cleveland Clinic to bring smiles to the families whose lives have been disrupted so severely by their child’s treatment.

We left the Clinic feeling good that our chocolates, toys, and parking passes had done just that.  We’ve been on the other side, after all, and know from experience how great it feels to be acknowledged.

But we left knowing, also, that these families need so much more.

They need help meeting simple living expenses such as food, fuel, and parking because their incomes have been compromised.  Much of what used to cover these expenses is now directed to their child’s medical care.

They need help keeping their child entertained while he or she undergoes difficult and painful courses of treatment.  They can’t take their child to the toy store or to the movies or even outside a hospital room because he or she is too weak or because his or her immune system is suppressed.

And, most importantly, they need to know that everything possible is being done to help maximize their child’s chance of being cured.  They need to know that clinical trials are not being curtailed or shut down because funding is short.  They need their hopes to become real.

Knowing all this, we ask ourselves the question: Can’t we do more?

We believe now that the answer is YES.  But we need your help.

The Carter Nedley Foundation is now a public charity exempt from Federal income taxes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  That’s really just a fancy way of saying that your donations are now tax-deductible.

And now, knowing how much families affected by childhood cancer in Northeast Ohio can use your help and knowing, also, that helping us can benefit you, we hope that you’ll consider making The Carter Nedley Foundation part of your plans for charitable giving.

We’re proud to announce that we have launched an annual fund, which we’re calling Carter’s CREW.

By making a contribution or by pledging their support, CREW members show their commitment to helping us realize our vision to improve the quality of life for children affected by cancer, to provide needed financial support to their families, and to support research into treatments for childhood cancer.

You can learn more about Carter’s CREW by clicking here, or by clicking on the alphabet-block logo at the top right of this post.

Thank you, as always, for supporting the mission of The Carter Nedley Foundation.

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